viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Esta noche Matthew Fox en THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW!!!

Ojala consiga pronto el video, al parecer Foxy esta invitado a un talk show muy divertido por lo que he visto en algun video. Espero que lo disfrutemos. Tenemos tannnnnnnnnnnta sequia de Foxy que verlo en un talk show sera genial.

pd/ me encanta la frase "handsome star" .... me pongo el baberooooooo!!!

Next Friday, 22:35 on BBC One

Graham is joined by handsome star of the hit series Lost, Matthew Fox, soon to open in Neil LaBute's play In a Forest Deep and Dark; Hollywood actress Diane Kruger, star of Inglorious B*sterds and Troy, talking about her new movie Unknown; and Jessie J, winner of the Critics' Choice Award at the Brits, performing her number one single Price Tag.

Entrevista a Matthew esta adorable en esta foto? :-)

Notes from a traveller: Matthew Fox

February 2011

Matthew Fox, actor
Matthew Fox
Sang Tan/AP/Press Association Images

My wife's Italian and so we've spent a lot of time in Italy. When we were just out of college we took trains and hitchhiked to the southernmost tip of the country. We were young and broke — it was a big adventure. We ate fruit from trees and raided farmers' fields for fresh eggplant and peppers. It was very romantic.

There's nothing better than a road trip, especially if I'm with my brothers. I really enjoy them and being out on the road clears the mind. It's not always about the destination.

I had a wonderful time filming Lost in Hawaii. We were there for six years and we have many fond memories of the place. It was wonderful for my kids, Kyle, 12, and Byron, nine. They both fell in love with it.

Venice is my favourite winter destination. It's quiet, foggy and very mysterious — so beautiful and serene. I feel very fortunate to have seen it through the eyes of Venetians.

Theatre is an important part of any destination for me, certainly in London and New York. I love the community experience of sitting in an audience with a bunch of people and watching actors on stage pour their hearts into a production.

Portland, Oregon is a really cool city. It's very old and traditional but has these magnificent steel bridges. It rains a lot but I think that creates a creative energy in the city. There's great music and art scenes, and a bunch of comedy companies.

I grew up in the mountains of Wyoming and so I love being up in the mountains and the snow. For me it's all about big wide open spaces and a four-season climate.

I spent a summer filming Speed Racer in Berlin. It's an amazing city. It's a very happening place but it's also steeped in so much history

Starring in a play in London's West End has always been a dream of mine. I've visited a handful of times but have always been in and out really quickly, so I'm looking forward to spending more time in the city and getting to know it better.

Matthew Fox stars in the new Neil LaBute play In a Forest, Dark and Deep at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, from March

Una cosita, entendi mal o vive ahora en Portland, Oregon? .... NOT IN PORTLAND, les suena?? jajajajaj. Ayyy Matthew como nos haces volver siempre a LOST!!!!

Que verdaderas joyitas enontre de Matthew Fox!!!!

Chicas, y por que no chicos, jajaja, a buscar unos baberos GIGANTES y a disfrutar de estos videitos de la epoca de Party of Five, donde podemos ver a un Foxy IN CRE IBLE MENNNNN TE DULCE Y TIERNO...UN VERDADERO REGALO PARA NUESTROS OJOS.

En este primer video se me cumplio el sueño de ver a Foxy jugando al Basket!!!! que tremendo hombre por Dios!!
Ademas, y como es usual, Marguerita siempre a su lado y él, super enamorado de ella.

Por si no lo sabian, en la mitad de la primera temporada de Party of Five, la serie peligraba a ser canselada, y un grupo de personas se encargo de juntar firmas y enviar cartas de todos lados para evitarlo y lo lograron. No solo eso, Party of Five continuo y en su primer temporada consecho un premio Emmy!!!
En este video hablan de la gente que se movio para evitar tu canselacion y quiero que disfruten al igual que lo hice yo cuando aparecio este MONUMENTO AL HOMBRE, con su metro noventa!!! e increiblemente sexy...MATTHEW FOX!

Simplemente ADORABLE es la palabra para describir a este Foxy

Por ultimo dos JUGOSAS entrevistas

A pedido tuyo Lulah, LA FRUTILLA DEL POSTRE... si no lo viste Vane, no te mueras en el minuto 1:01!!!

Viví LOST en videos