domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012


Recientemente tuvo lugar una visualización previa de la película "Alex Cross". Un afortunado que estuvo en ella ha escrito ésto sobre la película y sobre Matt.
Según él Matt borda el papel de psicópata loco y cataloga su actuación como la mejor de la película :
"The best performance in the film was from Matthew Fox who plays the deranged, pain addicted assassin, Picasso"

Y por lo que comentan al parecer el nombre del personaje de Matt será "Picasso". 

I saw an advanced screening of Alex Cross last Thursday. I haven not read any of the alex cross novels nor have I seen the movies in some time. I thought Tyler Perry was quite good as a broken and vengeful detective. I have not seen any of Tyler Perry's other movies so I can't comment on how different his performance truly is but I feel like its very different from his other work. The best performance in the film was from Matthew Fox who plays the deranged, pain addicted assassin, Picasso. His performance is similar to Heath Ledger's in The Dark Knight but not completely absorbed in the role. He looks the part and is surprising as such a crazy bad guy. Edward burns is good as alex's longtime partner. It feels like these two have a real relationship. Jean Reno was a bit disappointing as were a couple other performances (the girl in jail and her uncle were a little weak as well).

The film does a good job of giving the audience a reason to care about Alex. Also you feel genuinely threatened by the antagonist so there is dramatic weight to the film. A few scenes are a bit too cliche and easy. It was definitely a hard pg-13 or light r rated movie with some pretty disturbing stuff but nothing explicitly gory.

Overall it was better than I was expecting probably mostly due to Matthew Fox and Tyler Perry.

I saw an advanced screening ofhis film and can say that my 2 favorite performances were Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox. Matthew Fox absolutely delivered in his villain role. I was surprised to see him play a complete psychopath but he was convincing. The only performance I can compare it to is Heath Ledger just without the dark humor.

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