sábado, 4 de mayo de 2013

Primer detrás de escenas para Latinoamérica de WWZ!!

Tres pequeñitas caps de Matt en esta peli ♥

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  1. Great post Monica!:)
    I think you didn't see my tweets about that too:


    with 2 'close ups'(blurry, sadly...):



    and the slowed VIDEO of his very brief appearance! ;)

    (you can download & post the video here if you want, caps too)

    Keep up the great work! Fate815

  2. Thanks Fate815! I hadn't seen your tweets!
    I can't imagine what we are gonna do when we have the movie on our hands! hahaha. The sad thing is that he is gonna be in very few minutes on the movie, but whatever he is, we are gonna enjoy it ♥
    We have to pray for the success of the first part, so on there will be the two others and Matt will be there and will be a character much more important!


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